BrewNSpew Café

Words of the week – make this more fun and use both words in your creation(s).

sunrise  (noun) – the time in the morning when the sun appears or full daylight arrives. 

synonyms – daybreak, dawn, morning, cockcrow, sunup, first light, aurora

sunset  (noun) – the time in the evening when the sun disappears or daylight fades. 

synonyms – nightfall, twilight, dusk, evening, sun-down, gloaming, vesper

From sunrise to sunset I wait for you

Each day and every day I sit beside this lake

I look for your coming with high expectations

Each day and every day I return disappointed

I know that there will be a day when I will look

Into your eyes and see my world of happiness there

But till then, each day and every day I wait here

From sunrise to sunset, waiting with certainty

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