The finest specimen

There is no doubt the Macaws are the most beautiful and colorful birds found in the wild. They even surpass the legendary beauty of the peacocks. They are native to the humid forests in the Amazon region. These beautiful birds are the finest specimens of nature. What vibrant colors and what grace these birds exhibit. The tropical regions of Central America, Mexico and Columbia are the most common places where these birds are found. Many zoological gardens all over the world boast of having these magnificent birds among their chosen attractions. The seamless transition of the zoos in today’s world from birds and animals being trapped in cages and in fenced enclosures to a more open and roomier arrangement for the animals and birds has enhanced the experience for the people visiting them. It appeases the public conscience about the forced captivity of the wild animals and birds. That is why, sitting on a bench and enjoying their display is quite a treat to those who visit these zoos.

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24 thoughts on “The finest specimen

  1. a very good use of all prompt words, and a beautiful damn bird. I dated a girl who had a Military McCaw. He loved me and I loved him. The hardest part of breaking up with her was not seeing the bird

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