What’s My Story then #6

Rumour had it for years that he had a surviving photo of this once lost city!

What’s My Story Then?

“The Once Lost City”

Can you create a 100 –  300 words story or poem?

Using the image above and the title below it;

  “The Once Lost City …”

The picture was the only proof that he had been there

Nobody believed him and laughed at his assertions

Some pals asked jokingly that he should tell the story again

And believing that their interest was genuine he would retell his tale

“It was on one of my visits to Italy”, he would say

“I visited a hillside town with the my host family

For some reason I couldn’t sleep that night

So I donned my hat and coat and went for a walk

I came upon a wondrous sight in the middle of nowhere

A beautiful city, or rather the ruins of which were majestic

It looked like an abandoned seat of some royal family

The pillars, the arches and the whole imposing facade

I took a picture and admired it for a long while

And in the morning I mentioned it to my host

To my surprise they hadn’t ever seen it to that day

Or even heard of its existence by the mouths of any passerby

So to enlighten them I took them to that spot where

I had seen those beautiful ruins but search and search I did

Not a trace of that place I could find any where

I just have this picture to prove that I had been

To the lost city, that only I have seen”

In response to;

A prompt created by Rory AKA Bloke and K9 Doodlepips

What’s My Story then#6


14 thoughts on “What’s My Story then #6

      1. I hope not. But it does seem taking pictures should be secondary to being there. I don’t know. It wasn’t your story or the picture itself that struck me. Both were good. I just felt that suddenly as I read and observed. This from the person who has the least amount of photos all my life I said I was allergic to cameras. Now it seems they are everywhere. My brain seems unable to say what I’m trying to say. I guess that means your poem and picture struck something, huh?


      2. I know what you mean. Whenever we go to visit someplace, I try to look around and see the beauty first. Taking pictures only makes sense when you are in them with your loved ones. Most people these days just take pictures, make videos and are done. They don’t try to enjoy the place or food for itself.

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