Mayhem in the park

The big bazooka was spitting bullets in a spray. Every one was taking shelter to avoid being hit. The fact that the bullets were paint pellets made the matters worse for all the young people because moms didn’t take kindly to paint splattered clothes. It might result in being grounded too. In the middle of this mayhem, one bespectacled boy stood staring intently at the compass in his hand. “What are you doing Rob, you will be killed by the enemy attack” a voice said in his ear. Rob looked up and saw his best friend and mentor, Sam standing behind him, urging him to take shelter behind a tree.” I was thinking of an escape plan Sam” Rob said. He took the hand of his friend and ran east, straight into the enemy’s camp. “Are you mad?” Sam snatched his hand away and ran in the opposite direction. Behind him, came Robs voice floating on the air, ” If we go east, the sun will blind our enemies and they won’t be able to shoot at us”.

The logic was sound, but by the time the strategy had time to be implemented, Rob’s shirt had a colorful pattern of paint splats.

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