I saw that first….

Prompt A (Genre challenge): Fantasy of Manners (more info)

Prompt B (Story Starter): “I saw that first.”

Prompt C (photo):

It was a lavish party with waiters roaming with trays of hors d’oeuvre and drinks held high over their heads to avoid the crowds of people milling about in the great hall. She had taken special care with her dressing and makeup today. It was a last desperate attempt at getting her hooks into a rich guy. She was so desperate to find someone who could support her in her chosen lifestyle. The time was catching up with her. These sort of parties were very useful to find a man who would be her life line for the next few months, till she got bored with him.

“Hey, Diana you are looking fab, my dear” she turned at the compliment and saw a long time friend Jackie. They were both pretty much similar, though Jackie was loaded with money and used to man-hunt just for the thrill. They exchanged air kisses and started to talk about old times. Diana was famished so she signaled a waiter with a tray of food. When he was got near she saw he had her favorite, smoked salmon hors d’oeuvers so she reached for the last one left on the tray. At the same time Jackie went for it and they stopped and looked at each other then Diana exclaimed ” I saw that first

No one know how it came about that those two well dressed and sophisticated ladies started a fight right in the middle of the party, but it was the highlight of the evening.

In response to;

The Haunted Wordsmith

Prompt #May 1

23 thoughts on “I saw that first….

  1. That was funny – and I almost thought they were going to reminisce about old times when they had to share the last something and this was a childhood saying – but you have there twist of the cat fight and made it get ugly –
    Which could happen! Hah!
    My fav part here was the way you brought us to the cocktail party – felt the formalness and felt the vibe of the party – well done

    Liked by 1 person

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