Blogging—QQ: What is it about them [Awards], that you like and or dislike?

Rory has asked what do we think about awards

To be very honest, I love getting an award ( nomination ). It bolsters my self confidence and encourages me to write more and write better.

The awards pros and cons, according to me are;


1. Getting an award is going to boost the bloggers spirits.

2. With an award displayed on their home page, the blogger gets more traffic and maybe more followers.

3. It increases the interaction between different bloggers and forms connections.

4. The overall community spirit gets a boost, when one blogger nominates 5-11 new/ other blogs for the award.

5. They get to know more about each other through the questions asked or when you have to write down about your love of blogging, as per the requirement of some awards.


1. Some bloggers find these awards time consuming and tedious. They don’t want to go to the trouble of drafting the whole blog posts.

2. The selection of nominees/ blogs to gift the award is sometimes too difficult, with a lot of them not acknowledging the gift, or refusing on the grounds that they don’t do awards or sometimes they are not even aware of the gift/nomination.

3. Since no criteria exists for these award gifting, people feel that this doesn’t signify any great honor to receive the award.

4. There are times when multiple types of awards are given to one blog simultaneously and that makes it difficult for the recipient to respond properly.


If there was a fixed criteria for the awards and there was someone in the position to judge and give the awards, this could mean more to the recipient. But since WordPress is not going to perform this function, we have to go by our personal choices in giving, receiving and paying it forward regarding different awards.



40 thoughts on “Blogging—QQ: What is it about them [Awards], that you like and or dislike?

  1. Thankfully Rory has organized these ‘gifts’ (his title for awards) into something rather tidy. I like awards too and I’m going to remember Suze the next time I get one and am scrambling to find a nominee!! 😉

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  2. I always appreciate being thought of, whether in an award post or just a shoutout for whatever reason. Even if someone is gonna criticize, lol. But I don’t always post the award and answer the questions, especially if they’re questions I’ve answered several times before, such as when/why did I begin a blog, etc. Too boring!

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  3. Awards are time-consuming to acknowledge, but readers get to know a little more about the blogger if we participate in them.
    And I’ve learned that I can wait a few weeks, in general, to respond if time is the issue. Were bloggers. I say blog that award!

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  4. I love, love. love nominations. But somehow I get overwhelmed in trying to follow through the next bits that are required. I love meeting the new people, getting acquainted with the new people. I don’t know how to make it a better process. Maybe there are things I don’t know how to do it all? Maybe we can teach each other shortcut or other ways to do this blogging/awards thing?

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    1. I know that the nomination of others is the most tedious part of a blog post. I have not yet gotten the hang of it. Some bloggers are very good at it. I believe that Rory of A Guy called Bloke and K9 Doodlepips has a system. Maybe we can learn from him.

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