What’s My Story Then #5

Rory of A Guy Called Bloke has asked us to write a story on this picture and prompt.

Using the image above and the title below it  “They told me, they said don’t do it, don’t look but …”

She was always this way. If told not to do something, she had to do it. Maybe it was the non-conformist in her who reacted this way.

So when the girls at the boarding school told her that it was forbidden to go towards the southern part of the building and specially not to look through those stained glass windows, she felt that she had to do it. Specially since no one came up with any logical reason why they shouldn’t. That part mostly housed rooms which were used to store old files and furniture which was redundant. When every one was going for the PT class she slipped away and peeked at the stained glass window but she couldn’t see anything interesting at all. She moved closer and pushed at one of the panes. The pane gave way and she was jolted forward with its movement. She was trapped between the two panes and try as she would, there was no way she could get out from them. She called out for help but since no one came to that part of the building, no help was forthcoming. It was late in the evening when the roll call was held before bedtime that they noticed the She was missing. The rescue was most welcome and this exploit taught her finally to listen to the words of wisdom.

Written in response to;

What’s My Story then #5

A tag created by Rory


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