The Sunday Whirl

Wordle # 401

James hid his grin and cast an innocent look at the overseer,”sir I don’t think that this damage was caused by a mouse” The overseer was not taken in by the seemingly benign statement.” I have worked in many factories before this and I know when rodents are at work” he asserted. At that very instant they heard a crackle from the other side of the wall.” Now what do you say, James” the guy said in a cutting voice to him. James cast his eyes towards the noise and said ” for what it is worth sir, I would say it again this mess is not created bu mice, I think it is the work of the squirrels which are raiding the warehouses because the number of trees are diminished. It could be mice, but I think you will win the day, if you would give credit to others if their ideas are worthy”

In response to;

The Sunday Whirl

Wordle #401



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