MLMM- Wordle 131–Party with friends

1. Friends
3. Wonky
4. Approach
5. Scrippage (the contents of a wallet)
6. Lovely
7. Disposition
8. Give
9. Metanoia (a profound, usually spiritual, transformation; conversion.)
10. Party
11. Unrealistic
12. Dinner

It was Saturday night, a dinner with friends was a norm for Alan. A chance remark led the discussion to metanoia. Every one was keen to give their opinions. Some friends followed religion and some of them didn’t. But the party was harmonious, there were no unrealistic expectations and everyone had a lovely time. After dinner a few of them, including Alan, opted for the KP, washing and drying the dishes. It was easy going till the kitchen tap got a bit wonky and sprayed water all over them. Having a happy go lucky disposition and lightheaded approach towards everything made this a source of fun as well. There was an embarrassing moment though, when he was getting into a cab, as Alan went through the scrippage in his wallet, he found himself short of a few bucks. No worries, his host loaned him a twenty, to be paid later with interest!

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MLMM-Wordle 131




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