MLMM;Tale Weaver #220- April 25/2019 — Coffee or Tea

Image: ©morpethroad

Michael of Morpethroad says;

This week I invite you to write about your morning. Many people write about the need for coffee/tea in the morning to get their day underway.

Do you have any such stories?

They can be anecdotal or you may use story to discuss your thoughts on this topic.

I will be keen to see where your imagination takes you.

Please limit your responses to 500 – 600 words and link your tale using the linking device below.

I love food, that is not a secret

But another craving I have too

I want a well brewed coffee to

Make a good start to my day

But my coffee doesn’t crave me

It rather that I stayed away

It is at war with my system

Gives me all sorts of issues to cope with

So we have arrived at a compromise

Once a day, I can have my coffee

The rest of the day it has to be “de-caf “

In response to;

Tale Weaver #220

April 25/10-Coffee or Tea



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