….. Why Should People Read Your Blog?

Rory of A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepips has asked this question;

Why should People Read Your Blog…….

I was supposed to answer this question in the comments section of Rory’s post. But at the moment, I couldn’t come up with an appropriate answer.

So I went and looked through some of the comments my readers leave on my blog.

They have very kindly shared their thoughts on my posts and what I have come up with are these reasons:

1. I write with all my convictions and from my heart. That appeals to most of my readers. If a person is sincere and believes in what they are saying/ Writing, then that has more impact on others.

2. I have a variety of subjects on my blog. It’s not about one topic only. That makes for an interesting mix and people like to read that.

3. I write many times a day and that makes it easy for them to catch either one or all of my posts.

4. I write about my own life experiences and some readers can relate to that.

So these are a few reasons, why people read my blog.

Why do you?

Please share your thoughts and feedback in the comments.



39 thoughts on “….. Why Should People Read Your Blog?

  1. great post with good points… i have only one answer: people should read my blog because it help give them value in one or more ways… if it does, then they can follow the blog…


  2. To be entertained by my creative writing and to get insights on the publishing industry. I want to share my work and discuss what makes a piece of writing great enough to get published.

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