What’s My Story then #4

What’s My Story Then?

“Well prehistorically speaking l would say ….”

Using the image above and the title below it “Well prehistorically speaking l would say ….”

Can you create a 100 –  300 words story or poem?

“This is how primitive people used to live?” Wilber said in disbelief. Their tour guide spun out a long story about how they had found remains of primitive dwellings and reconstructed these in the same pattern. Mr and Mrs Shelby we’re taking in all this spiel seriously but Wilber didn’t get it. According to the books he had studied on the pre- historic civilization, people made their dwellings in a way as to be safe from the wild animals and the warring tribes, both. These huts felt flimsy and he felt that any enemy would destroy them easily. But the guide was so certain that he challenged him to spend a night in one of the huts. Wilber looked at his dad for a response. The guide assured them that it was perfectly safe and in fact many tourists wanted to experience the environment hands on, so they had arrangements for them to stay in these huts. So it was decided that Wilber and his dad would spend the night in one of the huts, fitted for the tourist accommodation and Mrs Shelby would stay at the hotel.

In the morning when she arrived to check on the father and son, a strange sight met her eyes. Both of them were dressed in animal skins and carrying primitive weapons. When she asked them how did they fared in the night, they both had similar wild tales of having fought with the great warriors of the Mesa tribe and defeating them. Mrs Shelby didn’t take any of the stories seriously but both her husband and son were adamant that that’s what took place at night. So did they really travelled back to the pre-historic times during the night?

Written in response to;

What’s My Story then #4

A Prompt by Rory


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