What’s My Story then #3

What’s My Story Then?

“The Day The Tinfoil Hats Broke!”

Using the image above and the title below it “The Day The Tinfoil Hats Broke!” can you create a 100 –  300 words story or poem?

A magical hat

It was a strange day, the day the tinfoil hats broke

I made them out of the roll of foil thinking them unbreakable

But a strange magic made them hard and brittle

A slip, a stumble and down it tumbled

A crash loud enough to wake the dead

The hat lay there broken in several pieces

How could a hat made of something pliable

Break like an object made of glass

I bent down to pick up the pieces

And was surprised to find that it was indeed

Made of glass with a layer of silver

A delicate creation with spikes on top

What is this magic I ask myself

The day the tinfoil hats broke!

Written in response to;

What’s My Story then #3

A Prompt by Rory AKA Bloke


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