Writing Prompt #16

This is how I plan for spring….

My most favorite activity at the start of spring season is spring cleaning. As the weather changes, we need to put away the woolies and heavy garments and bring out the lighter spring/ summer stuff. I don’t know about others but changing seasons give my spirits a lift. I feel happy to be changing my wardrobe, either storing the clothes for next season or given them away in charities because I won’t be using then next season.

When I clean my cupboards and organize them, I find lot of things that went missing ( because I forgot where I had put them away “safely ” ) this gets me excited and happy. You can say that I am the sort of person who is easily satisfied with little things in life. Come Spring, I am going to reorganize my living room, wash my curtains and get the carpets cleaned. This gives a fresh look to the house, making it smell nice as well.

Unfortunately, my garden is small so I don’t do too much flower planting. I would buy flowers in the pots and arrange them to give the maximum benefit from their beautiful colors. Ever since my knee surgery I have been forbidden to sit on the ground or bend too much, that’s why my gardening consists of watering the store bought plants and replenishing them when they are no longer viable.

Then there is the spring break, which I would usually spend visiting friends and family, but not this year due to the arrival of two new grand babies. So we are staying put enjoying these little miracles of God, and relearning the art of parenthood with them. It is such a wonder what a few days old baby can teach you!

How do you plan for spring?

Please share your thoughts and feedback in your comments.

Written in response to;

Writing Prompt # 16

By Sarah Elizabeth Moor


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