The Sunday whirl


The holiday home

The rays of sunlight were striking the glass window and creating a colorful rainbow design on the objects lying near it. The small house located near the beach was not in a good repair due to the damaging effects of the salty air of the sea. At its back was a small shack which was quite out of the sight, partly concealed behind one lone tree growing there.

A car was parked in the front which was painted a bright red, with wings in golden color painted on its sides. It was a powerful vehicle able to go long distances without much effort. At the outer limit of the house, a small distance from it a small spring was flowing, carrying crystal clear water, which was falling to a small pool, in a tiny waterfall along the ridge in the rocks, spraying and splashing cool water. It was an ideal place to relax. The perfect holiday home.

Written in response to;

Wordle 400




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