MLMM; Sunday Photo Prompt—-Choose an Antique

Pick one or more objects in the photo to fashion a story or poem around.

I have had this pair of antique dolls since I don’t know when. I inherited them when the house in which I grew up was sold after the death of my parents. I suppose they must have belonged either to my mom or my grandma when they were children. The guy is a dapper cowboy and the girl a smartly dressed city girl. My mom would have played with them as she loved the western movie and had a fascination with the hardy cowboys. Now that I have them, I try to keep them away from my kids. They are made of delicate porcelain and I don’t want a careless swipe of tiny hand to shatter it into hundreds of pieces. I find it so fascinating that things which belong to people who have long departed this world are still here with us carrying so many silent memories and secrets in them. If only they could speak and tell the stories!

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Sunday Photo Prompt-Choose An Antique


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