Tale Weaver #218- Making sense out of nonsense

This week it’s back to nonsense. Your task is to write a story in which you describe your meaning of the word woklecockle. It’s a noun so it probably needs to be the name of a person, place or thing.

Mr Woklecockle was a very unpopular and unpleasant person. People generally avoided him or at least tried to. He had a host of weird habits that attributed to his unpopularity. For one he was so very inquisitive. He loved to barge into the personal affairs and space of people around him. Dispersing unsolicited and unwanted advice to all and sundry. His most unattractive personality trait was to visit people when they were having a party. This earned him the title of a party pooper!

Then one day he disappeared. People were initially very relieved that they didn’t had to duck out of sight when they spotted him coming or didn’t had to pretend to be away from home when he rang their door bell. But since they were a nice bunch of people, they started to look for him. But search as they would, high and low, they found no trace of him. To date it’s a mystery, his disappearance. Some people think that he annoyed the wrong sort of people and they took their revenge. Poor MR Woklecockle !

Written in response to;

Tale Weaver #218 –Making sense out of nonsense-The Woklecockle


12 thoughts on “Tale Weaver #218- Making sense out of nonsense

  1. LOL! It may sound immature, but I’m still laughing at the name 🙂 I love prompts like this, though. It’s amazing how our imagination can just run with the smallest of ideas as we broaden one detail into a story. Nice job!

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