Wordle #129

1. Boy

2. Brood

3. Localize

4. Coil

5. Dark

6. Tremble

7. Sphere

8. Unmistakable

9. Ruthless

10. Stomach

11. Contour

12. Coastline

The coastline was dotted by little towns where life was simple. The town where this localized view was taken, lay in a sphere around which the area was naturally dark. The unmistakable contour of the boats anchored along the harbor proclaimed its fishing origin. But when the tides were not cooperating, the life had to be sustained by using the poultry raised for this purpose by the people. It needed a ruthlessness to catch the chicken and separate it from the brood. Most people would not have the stomach to slaughter the chicken to put food on the table. But one may recoil and tremble but needs must be met. A boy was considered to become a man if he could perform this task.

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