BrewNSpew Café April 15/19

Word of the week –

whistle (noun) –
A clear, high-pitched sound made by forcing breath through a small hole between partly closed lips, or between one’s teeth. A shrill, high-pitched sound.

synonyms – trilling, birdsong, cry, song, cheeping, tweeting, chatter, chirping, peeping, calling.

whistle (noun) –

An instrument used to produce a shrill, high-pitched sound, especially for giving a signal.

synonyms – siren, alarm signal, distress signal, alert.

I grew up with three brothers. I always emulated my elder brother who was a couple of years older to me and a ruffian to boot. He was the example I wanted to follow as I was more or less a Tom boy! But one thing that desperately wanted to learn was wolf whistling. It appeared easy enough but try as much as I could, I couldn’t produce the sharp, shrill sound which would mean the ; hey! Look here I am a bad guy! ( Remember that I was around ten at the time!) Well seeing that I was so desperate to learn this “art”, my father gave me a few lessons and voila! I could whistle like a pro. I impressed my friends for quite a long time by this talent of mine!

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13 thoughts on “BrewNSpew Café April 15/19

  1. Good for you, Sadje! Can you still do it? I wanted to whistle like that too, but never could. Hubby and I were at a rock concert, not too long ago, and I sure wish I could blare out that wolf whistle then but to no avail. Thank you for joining the challenge!

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