A new project

The time was so right to get a subsidiary company started, Jason thought to himself. He was working as a consultant in a major car manufacturing company and the research for electric powered vehicle was going so well that he thought they should open a branch of the main company to manufacture electric cars. It was the prime time for such a move. The market was ready and so were the people. He himself took ferry from his home to reach the office on the island but he knew what the pollution from the gasoline powered cars was doing to the environment. In his mind it was so important to put a car on the market which could use renewable energy that even if the company had to drop their less important but more lucrative projects, it was worth every effort to save the environment and the planet.

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22 thoughts on “A new project

  1. I am enjoying you doing the multiple prompt responses in posts, and others are doing this too i see……….something i still haven’t got around to, maybe soon πŸ™‚

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    1. Bicycle is the answer some people are turning to. Unfortunately it doesn’t have shelter from rain and not a family friendly transport. But for individual use it’s so good.

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      1. yes it is limiting but also makes us better time managers with small windows of opportunity, also more practical over small areas, still it is something to consider as an alternative wherever possible

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