Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge #9

So now it’s time for ninth weekly Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge. The image below is from AdnaeInviere at

The workshop was at the back of an old, rundown building. And Peter was the only person ever seen there. He was a gifted clock maker and used to have his own smart little shop in the affluent part of the town. But then the new trend of digital watches caught on and later people mostly stopped owning watches because everyone had a cell phone which made a watch redundant.

Now Peter kept his own company in the little derelict workshop, doing something with old watches, but nobody knew what. Then one day he had a very interesting visitor. He came in the evening, near nightfall. The big limousine stopped near the building and a well dressed gentleman stepped out of it. He told his chauffeur to wait outside and went in to the workshop. Peter was expecting him. As he entered, wasting no time on pleasantries, he asked if the item he ordered was ready. Peter went and fetched a big box and held it out to the man.” I think you should make the payment first,Sir” The man arrogantly took out a wad of bank notes and handed them to Peter without bothering to count.

He opened the box and looked keenly at the octopus like object inside the box.”So this is the clock of doom” he said. “Are you sure it will perform the function properly?” ” Of course sir. You just have to wind it up in the right way and it will annihilate the target in a few minutes” replied Peter with pride.

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Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge #9



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