What’s my story then?





“The Garden Light and The King”

Using the image above and the title below it “The Garden Light and The King” can you create a 100 –  300 words story or poem?



The old castle stood empty and forgotten. Sometimes people new to the area visited it out of curiosity but it was not a famous landmark, so these visitors were sporadic. There wasn’t much knowledge about the history of this place and neither any historian had bothered to dig in its past to discover its origin. The only known fact was that it belonged to the highland clan of McDonald’s at one time in the 17th century and as the clan had shifted to other location, the castle had been abandoned since.What happened in the abandoned castle at night was not know to the people around it or their interest would have been awoken.

As the castle was away from the local town, in a secluded area, there were no witnesses who could observe the strange going ons in the night. At exactly 10 pm at night, the garden light outside the castle tower would come on by itself. It was an old fashion oil lamp, which would lit up as the church clock would be heard chiming the hour. After a while the door would creak open and a light music could be heard coming from the room beyond that door. The music would grow louder with time and then if anyone was there they could have recognized that the highland pipes were being played. Typical reels could be heard and it seemed as if a lot of people were dancing to the music inside the castle. This would go on till wee hours of the night and then gradually a silence would descend on the castle and the light in the garden would go out. The door to inner sanctum would close softly till the whole scene would be repeated next day.

No one would know of the parties that took place in the castle, hosted by the king and attended by his people, all of them long dead!


Written in response to a prompt by Rory of A Guy Called


24 thoughts on “What’s my story then?

  1. Very nicely done Sadje – you initially said you couldn’t do anymore words than 100 and yet here we were at 320 – so very nicely done indeed, did the original idea change or did you find yourself getting into it more?

    Either way, well done 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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