Remember the pain!

When you are feeling irritated or bored with life, remember the pain!

why, and what pain you would ask?

This idea came to me when a thought crossed my mind. I was feeling bored and the ennui had me wanting to do something to end the rut. But then I remembered the time when I was going through a lot of physical discomfort and pain of fractured foot bones. At that time I would have been ecstatically happy to be rid of the encumbrance of the heavy cast on my foot and the pain I was experiencing.

Why then, when we are no longer hurting, we forget that pain and start to crib about little annoyance of life. At present I feel wonderful. Free of any discomfort or pain. I should be exuberant. I should be thanking my lucky stars to be rid of that pain or any other pain or injury that I have suffered in the past. But what would my mind do: it would think up things that aren’t there. Instead of being grateful, it is looking for excuses to be dissatisfied. This is human nature. To be dissatisfied with our current circumstances. Maybe it’s something that pushes us to look for excellence in life. To become more than what we are now. But it also breeds a discontent. It makes us unmindful of the blessings we have. And this state of ungratefulness is something we should consciously avoid.

That is why I asked you to remember the pain, or any thing in the past which made life difficult. So that now, when you no longer are suffering from it, you and I should be grateful.

How do you express gratitude?

Please share your thoughts and feedback in the comments.



26 thoughts on “Remember the pain!

  1. Oh sweetie, if I remembered the pain, I probably wouldn’t be here right now. Too much and too frequently in my case. My gratitudes are: a nice affordable place to live where I’m kept warm and dry; my fur kids, enough food on my table, access to medical help where and as I need it (which many countries don’t enjoy), a good car that runs well for her ‘age’. A knowledge of my savior, Jesus Christ. All these things are certainly worth my gratitude, even if I don’t express that enough.


    1. Your life has been very tough and you have always shown a resilient streak. Absolutely right to have basic necessities is a great cause for gratitude. Hugs!


      1. Leave you with a thought, Snowflakes anywhere in the world where they fall from the the sky are perfect symmetrical objects yet each one is different then the other. Scientist have never been able to create that uniqueness in the Laboratory, yet they exist. Man has gone to the Moon and created other technological advances. Yet what is fascinating is that they cannot replicate a snowflake. Reason being is that there is a strict mathematical structure that exist in the Laws of Nature if you add variables to that. Then life becomes chaotic and a randomness of choices that we make. Then it always leaves you with one question at the end of the day,”Who Am I”. Look at Nature and the world around you to discern the images you see.

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  2. Our past becomes paradoxical structures in the present. Pain always propels us forward looking back at the past. Tomorrow never arrives when you open your eyes it has already gone past you.

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  3. I’m currently surrounded by people who are suffering from various aches and pains and I am eternally grateful that the worst I feel is some aching in my arms that is remedied with some ibuprofen. But hopefully I’ll be able to hold on to this attitude moving forward.

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  4. You make a great point. Too often we become complacent about all the wonderful blessings that we are so fortunate to enjoy. Perhaps pain and disappointment we are visited by are a wake up call to help us look again.

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