What is your strength?


We all have our weaknesses and strengths. It’s like the nature has equipped us with tools to handle the problems life throws at us. Sometimes we turn our strengths into a weakness due to the fact that we don’t trust our instincts and are over cautious and timid in our approach towards life problems. And there are some bold and daring people who turn even their weaknesses into their strengths. How?

If you have an instinct for sensing danger, you can profit by it if you trust in this power of yours. But if you don’t trust this instinct then it becomes a hurdle or a weakness for you as you will be afraid to trust your intuition and would find making decisions difficult.

But suppose you have a personality trait that most would consider a weakness, like naivety. In some people this can lead to trusting the wrong people and suffering due to it. But if you trust yourself and turn this trait into a power of positivity, you will believe the best of people, and by doing so you can bring out the best in most people. Because it is human nature to try to live up to the expectations of others. So this way a weakness can become an asset.

What is your strength? What do you think is the one thing that has helped you in living a better life? And inversely what has dragged you down! The encumbrance which you wished you could do without.

I think that my biggest strength is the ability to see the bright side and to laugh at the silliness of life. My weaknesses on the other hand is my tendency to worry myself sick over what can be!

Share your thoughts about what makes you strong in life and what are your weaknesses.



11 thoughts on “What is your strength?

  1. I have an emotional strength that aids me in times of stress. It may not come out during the event, but over time it will help me overcome the challenges of life. Dwelling on the past is my weakness but my emotional strength keeps it in check.

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  2. I don’t know of any strengths I possess right now. This year is shaping up to be one of the worst I’ve ever lived through (except for the new doggies who are a blessing). I’m mostly depressed and angry because I’m tired of being sad and upset at the slightest things. I’ve also lost faith in the therapist I’m seeing and that makes me angry too. Maybe being angry is my strength right now. My cousin reminded me yesterday though, that how one looks at things is key to how things ARE. I know that to be a truth, but one that I’m having trouble doing right now. She is a great example, because she made a resolution this year to be more upbeat and positive (sorta like a certain blogger we all know 😉 ) and has stuck to that promise to herself. Her life is (from my perspective) awful and so much worse than mine. I’m thankful to have re-connected with her a few years ago, after more than two decades not associating with that side of the family.

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    1. You have your strength and that is what is holding you. The will to be better. You’re trying and succeeding, one step at a time. Your cousin seems like a resolute person. It is indeed up to us how we look at things and that’s how they appear. We all are so proud of how you are coping.

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