Opposites Attract Challenge April 6

Today’s word: dreamer

Antonyms: hardnose, pragmatist, realist

The contract.

Mark was a dreamer. Head always in the cloud type of a person. His parents had tried their best to instill some worldly sense into him but all to no avail. No amount of sermonizing could change him into a pragmatic, realist. But he was successful in his life in spite of this quality, or maybe it was because of it. He was a celebrated author, writing fantasy fiction.

His latest book about an acrobat had become a best seller with few days of publishing. His publisher had asked him to drop in today to sign a three book contract today. As he was apt to forget, the publisher rang him up again at midday to remind him of the appointment. Mark left his home, where he had his work station to go to the publisher’s office. Luckily it was at a walking distance so Mark set out, enjoying the nice spring weather. He passed the neighboring house where the gardener was clipping the hedge and the sparrows were singing melodies in honor of spring. All this made him happy to be alive to enjoy the lovely weather and life in general.

Something curious happened when he came near the destination. A guy he passed was talking on his phone and he mentioned the publisher’s name. Now though Mark was an absentminded person but hearing that name, he started paying attention to the one sided conversation which this guy was having with someone who shared the name of his publisher. And appeared as the conversation progressed that it indeed was the same person and they were hatching a plan to swindle Mark. The book contract was in fact a scheme to make him sign over his rights to the main character of his bestseller. Mark made a mental note of this as he went into the publisher’s office. The man greeted him very affably and presented the contact to him. “Sign here” Mark said very pleasantly that he needed to show the document to his lawyer and left the flustered publisher as he stepped out of the office.

Feeling very happy with himself he thought that his parents would be pleased with him. Guess he wasn’t that much of a dreamer after all!

Written in response to;

Opposites Attract Challenge April 6

Story Starter April 6

“Sign here”

3TC PL#51

clip, sparrow, acrobat




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