Envious friend

She was a smart lady with a flourish for business. Her rise in the business world was a cause of envy among her contemporaries but Linda didn’t let these things bother her. Though it did hurt her when she learned that one of her friends was casting aspersions on her out of petty jealousy. She invited this friend of hers to lunch and asked her to get all the supposed grievances off her chest. An open hearted offer which should have made the “friend” ashamed of the feelings of envy that she was harboring in her heart, but instead she launched into a tirade of complains against Linda. They didn’t part as the friends that they were before and Linda was sorry to accept that her friend had a very grudging nature and couldn’t be happy in the success of a friend.

She even was generous enough to send her a bouquet of flowers from her flower boutique on her friend’s birthday. Gazing at which did bring a few thoughts of shame in her friend’s mind.

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