Blogging———- Noticed something strange about some posts

So here is an observation. Not a criticism.

Have you noticed that in some blogs posts, two words are merged together, making reading them a time consuming task.

It takes me twice as much time to read a post where two words are merged together, much like the merging lanes of a highway. It would look something like this;

Whatis theidea behindyour post?

Can you read this easily?

Unfortunately, I cannot. Maybe I am wired differently but seeing words which are looking unfamiliar makes reading them a chore for me.

And I believe that I know who is the culprit behind these confusing merged words!

Correct me if I am wrong but I have started seeing this phenomenon after some people started using the new Gutenberg editor!

This was lamented by someone that editing with the new editor is a difficult job. I have stayed away from trying this because I am new to blogging and writing is already a challenge for me, though it is getting easier with time. But if this all is happening when people are using the new editor, then WordPress should fix the problem. Because when I write with my current regular editor, if I make spelling or grammatical errors, it corrects them or highlights them for me to correct them manually. Why then the new editor is letting these words slip by into the published posts?

My humble requested these bloggers is to please check with spellcheck to correct these errors before posting because if we cannot read your posts what is the aim of writing?

Please share your thoughts and feedback in your comments.



61 thoughts on “Blogging———- Noticed something strange about some posts

  1. This is my second blog and I decided to take the leap and use the new Gutenberg editor. It has so many amazing possibilities, but sadly it feels like a BETA version that isn’t ready for release. Not to mention that fact that the mobile version sucks! I can’t even edit on my phone! I’ve had a few chats with the “Happiness Engineers” at WP. They know I am NOT HAPPY. Deep sigh. Like all software upgrades and new technologies it is gonna take them time. But while we wait, if you ever notice errors in my posts please let me know!

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  2. As a matter of fact, I have noticed this often too. Plus I agree with you, it makes it that much harder to read as your eyes are diverting to separating the words and taking away from what you are trying to grasp.
    I beginning to wonder if this is yet another WP issue or not. I mean, Lord knows we have all had several issues with WP lately!

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  3. I haven’t switched over to the Gutenberg editor yet (and probably won’t if I can help it), but I have noticed when I read the short blurbs (usually 2-3 lines) in my Reader (rather than linking to the actual posts), poetry will sometimes appear to not have a space between the last word of one line and the first line of the next, so the words appear to be smushed together.

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  4. I have not seen this in any of the posts on WP. I use my browser to view WP and will never use the App. Even on iPad and iPhone I use my Google browser.
    The editor may act differently when you edit or read in the app. It is only a guess.

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  5. I use the app almost exclusively. My posts appear normal to me ~ how do they look to you?

    The other night I created two more weeks of 3TC posts on my laptop though, and WP asked if I wanted to use the new editor. I passed.

    Occasionally I see some squashed words as you describe, but not often. More frequently I see semi-posts (teasers) where I have to click for more, and since I find that infuriating, I never do it.

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  6. I have seen examples of merged words in a few blogs that I follow. It is incredibly difficult for me to make sense of the blog posts (I have dyslexia which just makes everything hard, but these are darned near impossible for me to read). For every writer whose posts have done this I have asked if they are using a different platform, and 100% of them are using Gutenberg. I use the old platform and will continue to do so even if I have to find another place to blog.

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  7. I don’t read blogs in the reader. I don’t do well with white background and tiny black print. If a person’s email comes to me with their new blog, I hit like and have it take me directly to their page. Usually, that page has a better background, like yours where I can enjoy what I read. I haven’t seen that doubled word situation. But like you, I haven’t wanted to try the new editor.

    I used to hit ‘Write” on the upper right of the page but I found it could never access my media. I wrote to the WP help folks and they directed me to click My Site on the upper left, scroll to WP admin for my site, then scroll up to posts, add new. Since that works, I don’t want to try something new. Thanks for the warning.

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  8. Hi, I haven’t noticed any like that, but I agree it would be annoying to read that way. WordPress has some glitches to work out and I noticed some short code showing up on my posts because I have a self supported site. I think I fixed it, but time will tell. Thanks for sharing.

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  9. It never ceases to amaze me the way they keep coming up with new systems or upgrades that never work as well as the old one. My online bank recently changed and it then required three clicks to get to make a payment whereas before only one was needed. I wrote and complained and I imagine others may have too, as the bank changed back to the old way. It’s even worse for people like me who had absolutely no computer training at school as they were not around then, so when I have a problem and look on line for the answer it might as well be written in Arabic Sanskrit and most of what they are describing means absolutely nothing to me. Whenever I contact the wordpress help people I always ask please talk to me in simple English, I am not a computer geek. The worse thing to me is that if computers were as clever as they are supposed to be they ought to fix the problem for you!

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  10. While the Gutenberg editor has some excellent features, I’ve had my issues, as well. I found that one of my posts had duplicated paragraphs! I use the preview feature several times before I publish. Also, I do what I call an audit of both my blogs. I go through each post to be sure there are no missing images, misspellings and incorrect grammar, which a few posts were errored out when I switched from the Classic to Gutenberg editor.

    And with the new WP version, the follow button is not working properly. All of sudden, those that I followed were unfollowed. Go figure.

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  11. I haven’t noticed that one. But stay vigilant and keep people informed, because sometimes they just might know what is going on.

    I stay away from the new editor, too, but since I’ve heard that it will be THE ONLY option at some point, I decided to play around with it a bit. Only with drafts, though. I don’t trust it to not mess up my regular posts.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your feedback. It does messes up the words, clamping them together so you find it difficult to decipher the meaning. I just read a couple of post like that. I wanted people to notice by themselves what their final posts look like because I didn’t want to be the one pointing out the flaws.

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