Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 81


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Keep the lights on!

The night approaches with growing darkness

We put on the lights in order to see better

Light that is an antithesis of darkness

Can dispel dark, even if it is just a flickering candle

We like the light as it makes everything clear

We cherish the ability to see what is where

The light, that is of hope and positivity in our lives

We get depressed and down when we spend our time

In the gloom and the night, that robs us of our dreams

So keep the lights on, lest we grow accustomed to darkness

Written in response to;

Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 81



16 thoughts on “Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 81

  1. Some day we will invent a man-made Sun, so that daylight never goes out. So far, I think we enjoy the darkness and a time to rest and recuperate.

    In a similar vein, I think depression makes us value happiness all the more.

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