Do you Condone?

Do you condone how the politicians act these days

Apparently they all are acting in our best interest

Saying things that most people want to hear

Reciting mantras to appease the public furor

Where there is nothing sincere in the mind of these characters

They love to wash the dirty laundry of others in public

Putting the blame of all the wrong doings on their opponents

Never a true word spoken or an emotion displayed from heart

They give us plenty of reasons to dislike and detest them so

All these corrupt politicians deserve is to be collared and thrown

To spend their days in the cells with criminals, whose ilk they are

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12 thoughts on “Do you Condone?

  1. Nicely done Sadje! My opinion of politicians is that they are just like the rest of us, no better and no worse but their job demands that they self-promote which often leads to delusions of adequacy ;O) x

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        1. Not on pedestals but we do want them to show moral courage. The issue is that we equate a politician with a leader. And that is not so. A leader has stellar qualities which should be copied but a politician is …..

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          1. I think in the days before we had ‘career’ politicians, there were really leaders but now we have many politicians who have no business/work/life experience so all they really understand is theory. I think that anyone who wants to enter politics should have to prove that they have had success in another field first.

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