Articulating the apology, the eyes drenched with tears

The he is penitent and regretting his actions is a given

How can he undo the damage that his words have wrought

Can he go back and erase the thoughtless actions and words

He ask, but already know the answers

Once it’s out of your mouth, the words are carried on the winds

The actions once performed don’t get undone just by wishing

We need to get in contact with our inner self

And correct our approach towards others

Respect for all, no matter what is their opinion

And being careful when uttering our words

That might hurt others and cause deep scars

And each action weighed carefully before implementing

Can relieve our conscience of this burden of guilt

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52 thoughts on “Repentance

  1. Some days I think I should just take a vow of silence…it’s so easy to say the wrong thing, in the wrong tone, at the wrong time, in the wrong place…to all the wrong people.

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    1. Become celebrate to life swirling around you. The biggest thing that stagnates life is when we quit learning . We quit and become lazy so to speak. We become embroiled in Impossibilities instead of looking for possibilities. Case in point i am 65 and decided to take an online course at to learn about python programming. I am not looking for a degree just the assistance of knowledge. is a free college courses from the major colleges in the nation. Open to anybody worldwide that wants to learn. My course happens to be from Harvard University sponsored by Microsoft.
      The point being for the ladies over 50. There is an old Aramaic word,”Mara” which means Lady visions of beauty, knowledge accents a woman’s beauty. Life swirls around you like a wheel and you are in the middle. If you are standing still you for all intents and purposes are spiritually dead in your soul.
      lack of knowledge you become ugly on the inside. I know from life experience we run all our lives to and fro mindlessly. Trying to step on every snake that tries to bite us.

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        1. I am an old Texas Rattlesnake been married 50 yrs and I never stopped learning. If you own the word impossibility then as it states the woman had an issue of blood for 12 yrs. What that means in philosophy she quit learning she became ugly in her soul. Get up and walk, your past is your present no one knows the future, Aramaic philosophy of life there was no verb tense for future in the ancient languages. Knowledge always increases a Lady’s beauty.

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              1. Not all men are evil neither are all women good. We are humans basically and hence have good and not so good qualities in us all. Some have more of one than other. Respecting both men and women is important as is not pre-judging them.


                1. I am speaking from a philosophical viewpoint and life experience. We judge good and evil from our past experiences in the present our concepts are formulated from the past. To say we do not prejudge is a misnomer. We judge everyday predicated on our past. Look outside your window, the world today and the past. Men have made it a shambles this is in respect to a male oriented societies that stretches back thousands of years. Look anywhere in the world today, men created the chaos and confusion that is a given. The family unit, the woman and her children have always been subjected to the hands of man. I learned the Eastern cannons of life that came out of the cradles of civilizations thousands of years ago. Although I do not ascribe to the Sumerian philosophies of god. They had one thing right the women were allowed to dance to thier gods because it represented the beauty and glory of god. In that respect the woman is the redemption of man in her household not the other way around. I learned the hard way took me 30 yrs to figure that out. You would no more let a stranger into your house as would I. Your eyes only see two faces good or evil and they come from your past. Semitic/Aramaic philosophy of the human nature of man and the nature of the woman.

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