Kiara’s Sunday Scribbles March 31/10

Welcome to Kira’s weekly inspirational art piece.

Let the whole picture tell you a story, or dive into the small intricate details to make one up! Write a poem, a fiction piece or come up with a picture or drawing of your own, that you feel relates to it.

Feel free to copy Kira’s drawing, to add it to your own post!


Trying but not achieving

Trying and falling short

Trying and yet trying again

It is not a guarantee that we would achieve success in everything that we attempt, but it is a guaranteed thing that we will surely fail if we don’t try anything in the first place. Have the courage to step out and take the first plunge into the adventure. The success may come or it may not. But you would have tried and that is what counts at the end. We tried!

Written in response to;

Kiara’s Sunday Scribbles March 31/19



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