Reena’s Exploration Challenge #80


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I eagerly await your responses.

She was standing in the checkout line

A tentative smile thrown her way was met blankly

I turned aside, a bit flustered for being too forward

Going out of the store, I saw her again, carrying her grocery

She looked behind her to make sure her kid was following her

A worried frown on her face that melts into a sigh of relief

When the little guy rushes forward to clutch her hand

All oblivious to others who were near them

It got me wondering,

How quick we are to judge people

Putting labels, assigning blame

Weaving stories in our minds

When we don’t know the road they have traveled

When their faces don’t show us the scars

They are hiding behind the brave facade

The spirit can carry the scars, that we don’t comprehend

It’s true that there is a story behind every scar

And sometimes there is a scar behind a stoic face


Written in response to;

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #80


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