The operation

The weather was intense today. The rain and thunderstorm were hindering the normal activity of people in the area. The animals were similarly effected. But as they say, the life must go on. I went out and stood in the porch to judge the rain intensity. It now appeared to be moderate at the moment, so I opened my umbrella and went into the night. My job today needed me to penetrate deep into the forest to locate the nefarious activities of the gang working in the neighborhood. I had gotten the information from my weasel, who was working undercover in that gang. He was a good informer, though easily swayed by the influence of his colleagues in that gang. And I wasn’t sure if he was as clean as he claimed to be.

The rain had almost stopped now, and I took it as a talisman, that tonight’s operation would go per plan. I had dressed my part. Anyone looking at me wouldn’t have guessed my true profession. I just looked like any amiable late night walker. I knew that my men had surrendered the woods and were waiting for my signal. As I went deeper into the forest, I saw light from the lamps through the trees. I could also hear them talking in hushed voices. Getting closer to see their activities better, I approached them stealthily. My men were just behind me when I crashed their party. They had the drugs packed in small packets and were wrapping these in cellophane paper to prevent from moisture.

With a signal from my side, the cops poured from all sides, arresting the criminals and taking the drugs into their custody. I sauntered up the man I knew to be their head. “I think your game is up now” I said. “You better admit to mea culpa as you have been caught with evidence to ensure your conviction”

A successful night’s work.

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Word of the day challenge;

Mea culpa

Opposites Attract Challenge #25

Todayโ€™s word: intense

Antonyms: light, moderate, soft




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