Oh Prompt me, Do!! Season 2

Using the title The Golden Moon, please write a (300 ) word story or poem should you wish based upon the image above.

The golden moon

Casting its glow on the water

Illuminating the whole scene

You would almost think it’s day

The golden moon is that bright

It is no ordinary moon, tonight

It is a special moon, radiating

The rays of the sun, tricking us

Maybe it’s not night but day now

So bright it is ’cause it’s filled with

The most wonderful magic that

Your mind can ever imagine

Wish for anything in its golden glow

And you will have to believe firmly, you know

And with its magic it can turn it into reality

The golden glow of the moon will do so definitely

(I am sorry that my poem is not 300 words, it’s just short by 200 words, but that’s okay I hope)

Written in response to;

Oh, Prompt Me, do!!


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