Tale Weaver #216

Image: Pixabay

This week consider a fairy tale from the perspective of the evil step-mother, the wicked witch, the dark prince or any other bad/evil character you might be familiar with.

What might be their motivation, were they always the way they are depicted?

Do they have any redeeming qualities?

Go where the prompt leads you, have fun and don’t cast any spells that might backfire on you.

The pixie tale

Long ago in the kingdom of doom, lived an impish pixie. She was not only fond of playing pranks on people and fairies alike but was also a thief. Her name was Millie but due to villainous temperament she was known as Villie.

She had a mission today. The kindly fairies living in the next kingdom were having a festival where they would have the selection ritual. A prince would be selected for the princess. It was a very old custom and it was held when the fairy princess reached the age to get married. Villie was going to mess it all up. She planned to enchant the chosen prince so that he would fall in love with her instead.

The ceremony was arranged in the middle of the forest, the new grass was bedecked with dew drops and the trees were hung with “fairy lights” Villie hid behind the biggest tree she could find and observed the ceremonial rites. There were fairy prince who had come from all over the kingdom to win the princess’s hand and heart. As the final selection was being made, she enchanted herself to look like a very beautiful fairy and walked in the clearing, mixing with the gathered guests. She had tears in her eyes. She approached the prince who was the most handsome of the lot and feel on the ground at his feet. The prince immediately bent down to help her and very cleverly, she sprinkled a pinch of enchanted love potion on him. It worked instantly and the prince lost all interest in the fairy princess and escorted Villie out of the gathering and took her to a secluded corner of the forest and declared his undying love to her.

She had done it. Stollen the heart of the intended suitor for the princess. They eloped together. Next morning when the magic wore off, Villie was shocked to find herself in bed with a troll. It seemed that the troll had the same villainous intentions and wanted to trick the princess. Instead the two villains ended up together!

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Tale Weaver # 216



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tears, grass, hologram



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