Fragrant environment

Who doesn’t like a sweet smelling fragrant home. A place where we feel welcomed and at ease. With the arrival of spring, the outdoor is bursting with the aromas of beautiful flowers adding to the exhilaration we feel in this season. Some people try to bring the outdoors inside with inclusion of fragrance dispensers in their homes. These fragrances are redolent of appetizing scents like cinnamon, apple , vanilla or pine. The sticks dipped in liquid release the smell slowly and uniformly throughout the room, dispelling the malodorous smells accumulated during the winter months.

Your daily word prompt;




Today’s word: fragrant

Antonyms: fetid, foul, malodorous, noisome, putrid, rancid, rank, reeking, reeky, skunky, smelly, stenchful, stenchy, stinking, stinky, strong

Written in response to;

Opposites Attract Challenge #24


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