We Are One: Spread the Word

An excellent thought provoking post By Troy Headrick.

Pointless Overthinking

we are one

By Troy Headrick

I realize that this blog is not primarily a place for political writing, but bear with me for a paragraph or two.  Though this piece is going to have a political start, it’s going to end up being about culture and human relations and teaching.  In it, I’ll even make a recommendation about actions we need to take during this scary political moment in world history.

I had a piece written for Pointless Overthinking that I planned on posting today, but then something happened this past weekend that made me reconsider.  If you’re not an American and don’t consider yourself very political, you may not realize that President Trump—I always shudder when I type “President” before his name—is terribly corrupt and acts like a dictator wannabe.  Because of this, he’s been investigated, by all sorts of investigative bodies, since the day he took office.  This past weekend…

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