Once upon a Blog Crime


A new blog Fiction game by Rory;

Once Upon A Blog Crime ……..

26 – Mar 2019 – Game 5

Good grief, what on earth is wrong with this community of writers, authors and book loving souls?  There has been another most awful, hideous and heinous and utterly horrible murder?!

That’s down to you to decide……

During our investigation the following names have come up in connection to our five main questions ..

These being;

Perp 1

Ursula of An Upturned Soul

Perp 2

Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess

Perp 3

Lady D of 3C Style

Perp 4

Suzi Tench of My Colourful Life

Perp 5

Ashley – Mental Health @ Home


Fresh out of the Academy is one of our newest detectives Sadje of Keep it Alive, here’s hoping she can keep it together for her first case. I think she has the makings and the gummings to be a great leading investigator. As is the case, fresh out from the training pool, they are usually textbook detectives, so this case is one for you to sharpen your teeth on Sadje, ok.

 From you we need to know the following concerning these five ‘perps’  …….

Who is the victim?

Who is the murderer?

Who is the location?

Who is the murder weapon?

Who is the motive?


I got a call at noon. It was the Chief of Police, Captain Rory himself. He sounded upset. Very briefly he told me that a crime had been committed and I was to reach the location ASAP.

I was just going to have my coffee and salad, which was a routine Keto lunch for me. But I shelved the idea and proceeded to the crime scene

The address I was given was that of a stylish office building at the heart of the town. It turned out to be the office of Suzi Tench, who was an interior designer and arts dealer. I went inside and everything was in a disarray. This place was in shambles. Inspector Li was already at the scene of the crime. She gave me the initial findings at the scene. Who is the victim, Li, I asked. It is a young lady, by the name of Ursula, she informed me. “Her body was found behind an upturned Ouija board” “That is very interesting”I think to myself ,Why Ouija?

And who else was there, was my next question. The cops on the scene gave a list of the people present at the time of the crime. My recent training kicked in. I knew that this would make them suspect to the crime.

1. Beckie

2. Ashley

3. Lady D

4. Suzi Tench

I had enough information to go on. I called each suspect in my temporary office ( the kitchen, where I grabbed a cup of coffee) and interviewed them. Beckie was the first one. She was friends with the victim and the property owner. After extensive questioning she told me that she is a blog writer and also had a secret journal, which she kept under a lock and key. She had come here to help Suzi hold a séance. It was the victim, Ursula who was interested in the psychic and paranormal, and wanted to ask the spirits from the other side a few questions.

Ashley was number two on my list. She was a retired mental health nurse. Interestingly enough she also had a blog. What a coincidence. She told the same story about a séance. I got further information about the reason for this seance. Apparently, Ursula wanted to know answers to some questions regarding a patient in Ashley’s care.

Lady D came next. Same story. I asked her link to the victim and then she told me that she was doing some styling and design work for the victim. She, Lady D, not the victim ran a very successful business as a fashion designer. The séance  came up during the conversation again.

Suzi was the last one I interviewed. She had a rock solid alibi. She had gone out of the apartment when the murder was committed, to fetch some art work to show to her friends.

I asked Inspector Li into the temp office and discussed my findings with her. After listening to all that I had to say, she went and examined the Ouija board, and agreed that there was the distinct smell of bitter almonds coming from that board. She then requested the forensic expert to take the board into custody and examine it for cyanide traces.

After making the arrest of the person I suspected of being the murderer, I presented my report to Police chief, Captain Rory.

I told him that the case was solved. I explained the whole story to him.

Ursula knew that one of her aunt was conned by an enterprising business women but didn’t knew her name, just that she had been at one time in Ashley’s care. So she asked Suzi to arrange this séance with Ouija board to find out the answers from the spirits. The murderer knew that sometimes the spirits really come through and do know the answers to totally unrelated crimes, was afraid of exposure so she had put cyanide on the board where Ursula was sitting. But one thing was puzzling. Where did the murderer got the cyanide from. It turned out that Beckie had purchased a bottle of cyanide to exterminate rats in her home.

Who was the murderer?

It was Lady D, she was the con artist and didn’t want the discovery to ruin her success.

The motive was Ashley, as she had known the murderer previously

The location was Suzi Tench.

And the weapon was Beckie.

And Ursula was the victim.


The crime solved and Captain Rory recommended that I should be given accelerated promotion free lunch for the next week.

( Hope I have not offended anyone, the preps by this light hearted story)









30 thoughts on “Once upon a Blog Crime

  1. Well there we go detective, or should l say rather hm hm Inspector Sadje, wasn’t as hard as you thought it was going to be was it? it was good of Inspector Li to help you with the crime scene, she was very good with the solving of her murder with that funny fellow … the nude skiier!

    So alas poor Yoric, no sorry my bad, alas poor Ursula copped the bad side to cyanide … Lady D, being the fashion designer being the main culprit, Beckie’s rat poison, at Suzi Tenches apartment office and Ashley being the motive — so case well solved, another one to be written up for the archives!

    Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m not sure if I should compliment you on an excellently executed story considering you killed me off in it. My habit of asking questions often gets me into trouble, but usually I’ve lived to tell the tale. Maybe I’ll haunt you and help you solve crimes as a ghost. I can pass through walls and spy on suspects when they think they’re alone and no one is watching them 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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