Oh Prompt Me, Do!! Season 2

Rory of A Guy Called Bloke has started second season of his Prompt Game:

An hour

It’s not long, an hour or sixty minutes whichever comes first

This hour was not something I would like to happen again

It happened in the middle of the road, an uneven surface it was

I usually am looking where I put my feet, but was distracted by fate

It happened in a split second, and there I was on the ground

The whole thing is hazy in my mind, but the aftermath will stay

In my memory for quite some time now, taunting me with this occurrence

Why oh why, wasn’t I looking where I was I was stepping

Why didn’t I see that there was a pothole where I was placing my foot

I found myself on all fours, in extreme agony, tears of pain in my eyes

A kindly gentleman stooped down to give a hand trying to get me on my feet

Both the feet were twisted in different directions making standing a huge endeavor

A painful and grueling visit to the emergency room and a few questions later

Off to the x-ray department and after more pain and more embarrassment

A big bulky cast on the right foot, because of diagnosed broken bones

A cumbersome bandage on the left one which had a few pulled tendons

A lesson to be remembered till the time I am living









Written in response to;

Oh Prompt Me Do!!



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