Enjoyment of leisure time

This post is about the enjoyment of our leisure time that can blow away the cobwebs of fatigue and overwork.

Each phase of life have three basic components in it. Work, play and relaxation. The ratio of these components change as we go through life. As children, we have to put in almost equal time in all three categories; School work, playing with other kids and getting our minimal of eight hours of sleep. As we go into adult life, the work takes over part of relaxation and play aspects. And when we get to the retirement age it’s mostly play and relaxation with little bits of work thrown in.

In our prime, that is most of our adult life, in abidance of these un-written rules of the society, we are often lost in the haze of our ambitions and we breach or trespass the laws of self-care. We over-burden ourselves with too much work and responsibilities and we forget to dance in the ballroom of life. Rather we become like prickly cactus, shunning company of friends and enjoyment of simple pleasures of life. There is no well-being attached to becoming workaholic and it definitely does not earn you brownie points with your family.

Maintain a balance and give equal importance to have good quality time, relaxing and enjoying yourself when you are not working. That will improve you health and relationships for sure.

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Today’s word: abidance

Antonyms: breach, contravention, infraction, infringement, nonobservance, transgression, trespass, violation


Ballroom, Cactus, Well

21 thoughts on “Enjoyment of leisure time

  1. If ‘play’ is just getting recognized as important for children, imagine what would happen if there were playgrounds for adults. Swings and slides made for adults might actually help brain connectors to resist age.

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  2. So true Sadje. I often forget to do self care, even though it’s the foundation of my health routine. Thanks for the reminder. I can never have too many.

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