Blogging—— Playing the prompt game!

Doing the daily, weekly and monthly is a good way to grow, as a writer?

It is a debate I have with myself.

Write short stories, poems or creative posts on one prompt or multiple prompts!

Should I do this or should I stick to what I had planned to write when I started my blog? That may not appear as a very complex decision but it perplexes me. It has me thinking about the quality of blog posts I am publishing every day.

The pros:

1. You are never short of ideas. Some kindly blog writer thinks and post a daily prompt for our inspiration. We just take up that word or phrase and write about it. The take half the effort out of creating a blog post.

2. It sets the tone for the day. Many days, I feel my posts are carrying the same themed posts.

3. It makes for a variety in your daily posts because the inspiration is coming from some one else’s mind, you escape the monotony that can come from ideas created by one brain, day in and day out.

4. It gives you an excellent excuse to write about some subject totally unrelated to the basic theme of your blog. These prompts can also take you mind to areas of literature where you haven’t gone before. Like writing in different genres. Without these prompts, I would never would have written a horror, sci-fi or a love story. I might never have written a poem!

5. Picture prompts deserve an extra point as they work on your imagination in a totally different way. The actually represent a story and you can see it in your mind how this story will start, and finish. I find pictures very conducive to thinking. In fact if I cannot find anything to write about a word or a phrase, I pick out a picture from the internet and that makes it easy for me to tell my story or write the poem.


1. You can end up posting too many times a day, overburdening yourself and your reader.

2. You can loose your original aim of starting the blog in the first place. This can be a bad thing if you have specific goals in mind regarding your blog. But it can also give you new direction for the future of your blog.

So what do you think is the way to go? Prompts daily, weekly or monthly? Or none?

Waiting for your feedback and comments;



52 thoughts on “Blogging—— Playing the prompt game!

      1. Depends who you follow to find them to start with.
        Sadje does a few and so do I so you can click on the links in our posts to find the originator and join in with pingbacks etc.
        Fandango at fivedotoh does a daily prompt, a weekly picture prompt on Mondays and a prevocative question (!!) once a week.
        Teresa at the Haunted Wordsmith does LOADS and they really get your mind working.
        Take your time and have a look around other blogs too.

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      2. Fandango of This That and the Other, The Haunted Wordsmith, word of the day challenge, your daily word prompt. These are a few. Search for them they have daily prompts.

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  1. I do mostly weekly prompts due to scheduling issues. I don’t have casual hours to invest most days so I’m pretty selective about what I post. I do give myself one monthly personal challenge, something I post every day or every week to keep me accountable to myself. That said, I don’t have a real direction for my blog. It’s just a fun place for me to explore the deeper meaning of life and writing and interact with similar minded folk. Plus, it’s fun. 😉

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  2. I agree with you Sadie that prompts are an excellent way to stimulate ideas for a blog as well as to take you out of your comfort zone. Also a big thank you to the imaginative bloggers who take the time and thought to put out these prompts.

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  3. Great questions to ask yourself which only you can answer for yourself, Sadje 🙂

    WordPress used to have The Daily Post, a WordPress blog for bloggers, which was a hub for the community. There were blogging lessons, daily prompts and weekly challenges. I used to participate in those, I’d always fit the prompt into what I wanted to write about or had written about rather than write specifically for the prompt. But I always do my own thing in my own way when it comes to blogging, it’s what works for me.

    You could have one day a week which is dedicated solely to what you want to write about, and on that day you don’t participate in prompts. You could give it a theme – Sadje Speaks Out About… and each week it would be a different issue close to your heart, important for you, etc. Then the rest of the week you participate in prompts. How about something like that?

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    1. Thanks Ursula, a wonderful suggestion. Yes, I am told that there used to be a daily prompt from WordPress and when they discontinued, Fandango took up the task. I love your suggestion. Will work on it. Thanks again

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  4. I feel I have a better balance of all the content I want in my blog, which does include prompts. I agree with what you said regarding them being overwhelming and takes away the initial blog focus.

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  5. Personally, I like to mix things up a bit. I do poetry and musings on my blog but we’re only to do poetry I would feel like I am limiting myself creativity. That’s just a personal example. I love your blog Sadje and these are just my two cents. 🙂

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  6. For me, I enjoy doing the prompts that are fun, like Norms Doors, or Linda’s SoCS. I don’t do things just to grow. Then it becomes work and that is not my intent. And as far as number of times to post – that too goes to your preference. The prompts I choose usually are on different times of the week so once a day post to the occasional twice is my general rule but again everybody has their own purpose in blogging. Enjoy yourself.

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  7. I enjoy the prompts, then found I was doing nothing but. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but my blog seemed to lose its personal edge. I still do them, just not as many and try to do one ‘about me/my life’ post every day.

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      1. A lot of it comes down to available time and inspiration. I have two on the back burner from yesterday that I’ll get round to later. Sometimes though nothing jumps out at me, so I have to sleep on it!

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  8. I blog for fun, whatever catches my attention. I do a lot of the challenges, like word prompts, photos, quotes, and a lot of others. My main focus in starting was/is my true ghost stories and my fan fiction story that continues.
    For a great round-up of many blog challenges, Cee has them. She runs a lot of challenges herself. Here’s a link to find all kinds of blog prompts and challenges. This is a great way to get to know other bloggers, and for them to come by for a visit at your place, too. 🙂

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