Opposites Attract Challenge #22

Today’s prompt: delectable

Antonyms: disagreeable, pleasureless, unpalatable, unpleasant, unwelcome

Jetting around the town on office business gave her a roaring appetite. She decided to stop at her favorite bakery to pick up some of the delectable delights which were the specialty of that bakery. Stepping inside the store, her nose was bombarded by a very unpleasant aroma. This was unexpected. She thought she had entered the wrong store, but no, she was in the place she wanted to be and that unwelcome odor was wafting from their cooking area. Before she could ask anything about it from the sales assistant, perhaps her expression had alerted the girl to the question on her mind. ” I am so sorry about this” the girl at the other side of the counter offered. ” We had a mixup and one of our batch of cupcakes was quite overdone ” It wasn’t what she wanted to hear but, hiding her disappointment, she made an automatic response to the girl and went to the deli next door to get a salad for her lunch. Maybe it was a good thing, she ate healthy instead of loading herself with those calorie rich cupcakes.

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Opposites Attract Challenge #22





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