How to retain and enhance mental acuity

Human brain is very much like a computer. There are mini circuits which create memories and more often they are used, the powerful becomes the memory.

There are many tricks to keep those brain cells active.

Use it;

It’s like muscle. It gets flabby and looses its power, if not used constantly. The more you use it the better it gets. How to use your mind? The following are some of the ways you can increase the use of your brain.

1.Remember it;

Memorize things. Memorize numbers, addresses , poems or anything that takes your fancy. Make it a fun game and do it slowly. Getting stressed out is not the aim here.

2. Play with it;

Playing mental games, like chess or card games where you have to use strategy are good for invoking brain activity and making us think harder. It keeps us from going into a limbo.

3. Read and write;

Reading books, with new ideas and writing are excellent ways of keeping your mind thinking. Writing not only makes the creative juices flow but also strengthens the brain neuron networks used in the process. Writing and reading are such activities that are using many areas of our brain and each gets stronger with writing. If you check out the history of most prolific writers, they not only have longer lifespans but are also active mentally till a ripe old age.

4. Have a good laugh;

Laughing is a process which not only lifts the spirit and the mood. It also gets the blood flowing and increases the brain activity. Laugh alone, or better with those you love, be they friends or family. “Laughter is the best medicine as said by wise people.

5. Evoke emotions:

Emotions use a different part of our brain. Reading, watching movies, stage or theatre shows and listening to music are some of the activities which evoke emotions. Cry or laugh, they help us feel alive. These pull us out of apathy and keeps the brain and mind alive and kicking. And don’t watch or read too much of somber type of content, it can leave you too sad and nullify the good effects of this exercise.

6. Relax;

Go on a vacation, a cruise or just relax at home. A good relaxing time does wonder for the mind, body and our morale. All in one ticket to feeling better.

7. But not too much;

Relaxation should also be sought via physical activity. Walks, swimming and any other form of exercise that you can do without straining yourself physically should be taken up. Experts say that it is the ultimate elixir of youth. Both physical and mental health gain enormous benefits by exercising daily. If you are not used to exercising then start with light exercise and gradually increase the intensity to the levels which are compatible with your age and fitness levels. It’s always a good idea to get a green signal from your doctor before embarking on a plan which is new or too strenuous for you.

8. Take some responsibility:

Keep yourself busy by volunteering to look after some household chore, a pet or do some work in the nearest hospital, elderly home or even a daycare center. Taking responsibility of some work develops a positive self image. It makes us feel useful and we feel that we are accomplishing something worthwhile. I have seen when old people are relieved of their duties, thinking that a favor is being done to them, they grow old and lost very quickly. The reason for this is that as long as they are carrying responsibility of something, even self care, they remain alert and their mind keeps on working to remind them of their job/ chores.

9. Hope that you got good genes.

This is a big plus. But we cannot choose our ancestors, or our genes. We can however prevent growing old before our time by looking after ourselves.

Hoping for your feedback and comments;



26 thoughts on “How to retain and enhance mental acuity

  1. Timely post. My wife and I were talking just about much the same thing over the weekend. As we get older the need and might I say the opportunity to engage our minds in new activities, experiences and such. As well as requiring the physical fuel, our brains need that stimulation and activity as well. To try new things, push the boundaries, experience new experiences to broaden our scope of life, instead of sitting and having life slowly grind to a halt.

    Thanks for posting and the contents are a great reminder.

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      1. Thanks Sadje. In a way it makes feel sad to see so many people, including my wife’s parents who seem to be this mind-numbing slot of never exercising the mind. Never willing to try and experience anything new; never willing to push the boundary to learn new ideas by watching a documentary(as an example) on something they might never thought they would. As much as our bodies need physical conditioning, so do our brains. The world outside our front doors is a buffet of new experiences and challenges; new ideas and concepts all ready and wanting to give our minds the workout it needs and thus, making our life and lving it all that richer for it.

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      2. I know and itโ€™s sad. Itโ€™s not a new idea but people have sort of let themselves go. I remember both my grand parents were very active, both physically and mentally till the end of their lives.

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