Blogging—- Am I posting too many times a day?

A question popped in my mind today, Am I posting too many times a day?

I post around 4-5 times a day on most days. Sometimes less some days more, but rarely more than five times.

When I stared to blog, I would post once every two to three days. Then it got to every other day and then daily. Then I started doing daily prompts, which were from different blogs and I would either write individually on each prompt or combine them up to two, three in a post, if they would work together.

After this I discovered many blogs offering weekly prompts. This increased my posts to two or three times a day. As I added more prompts the number of post increased to three and four or five on some days.

The up side;

All this is not only good fun but also it is giving my skill of writing a boost. For a person who hasn’t had any practice at writing before starting this blog( at least not regular, every day type of writing) this is a very important practice. The more you write, the more you can write. Words come easily to your mind, there is a flow in the thought process and also in the writing itself.

The down side;

1. I have posted less on the topics which are the ones I wanted to. The topics which I have declared as my niche topics, i-e, issues of women over the age of 50, diet and health and ketogenic diet. These posts are pushed back and I post every ten days or less on my dedicated topics.

2. I want to post content which is meaningful. Just writing posts or poems in response to prompts does not satisfy my inner urge to write something which conveys a message. So should I just write meaningful posts or maybe fun posts once in a while are okay?

3. Am I overburdening my readers with so many posts? Do these posts jam up your reader or produce excessive email notifications? This is the question I need an answer to. Can you guys give your feedback?

Waiting for your feedback and comments.



90 thoughts on “Blogging—- Am I posting too many times a day?

  1. Wow! I can so appreciate how this question may arise. I think of that very question just about most of the time. LOL!
    I think the way to approach how many posts you make, you have to find a balance. You feel passionate about your “Topic”, and that is what set the wheels in motion. Then…You find yourself at a crossroads of, “Hmmm… This prompt sounds interesting, let me have a go at it.”
    Before you know it, the (What I think of it as) “Bunny Blogging” is multiplying posts one right after the other.
    A perfect example is my blog… Topic “Mental Health” – However, I enjoy writing poetry, always have. Then, I see other bloggers offer up these wonderful ideas to join in with prompts.
    I try to find balance in the mix. I may write up to 3-5 post a day too, but I pick and choose what I want so it’s not so overwhelming to me.
    You definitely don’t want “Blogging Burnout” to occur… So, just find a balance of your topic still being generated, and a little mix of this and that.
    Hope that helps a little. 😉

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  2. I know exactly how you feel Sadje. I post a lot as you know, though the past couple of days it hasn’t been so many. I’ve cut down on the challenges though keep to a few favourites because I enjoy them.
    Variety is good and if you’re happy to post often, do so. For your preferred topics you can always write them and then schedule them. You’ll find your own balance. We are all different, but at the end of the day, we have to enjoy what we do, otherwise what’s the point?

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  3. 🙂 Did any of your readers complain about you posting too often?

    Anyway, intuitively, you would know if you are posting too often or not.

    If you are publishing articles on your blog five times a day and it leaves you exhausted, you are probably posting too often.

    However, if you are publishing content on your blog five times a day and you feel great, then all is well.

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    1. Exactly, my take on the matter. It’s all dependent on you, as the blogger. Do what makes you happy, and not to appease others. I wish I could post everyday, but my schedule doesnt leave me room to do it. If I feel led to post 4 times a week, then Yes! I feel accomplished, but for now I feel steady with posting 3 times a week. Sometimes, it’s cut to 2 times a week. But I do agree, writing more helps to develop the craft and allows the words to flow more. As the school year comes to a close, I’ll have more time to blog. I enjoy your writing Sadje, just do what you love.

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  4. It really depends on how you feel, like everybody said. Another question, do you think you would have grown a Community so fast if you had only been writing about your target topic and once or twice a Week ? Another up side to the dayly prompts is the visibility it gives fellow bloggers 🙂 Do What feels right and works for you.

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  5. Entirely depends on your preference at the end of the day! 😀 If you enjoy doing the daily things & feel like your writing’s improved a lot because of them, then by all means keep up the daily stuff. If you’d like to focus more attention to your target topic that you feel passionate about & want to make that more regularly scheduled for your audience, then feel free to try it out for a consistent posting, maybe once a week / five days / whatever you feel suits best. But ultimately it’s whether YOU’RE enjoying it, as it’s your content & your voice. ❤

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  6. I would say four or five times a day is fine. But it isnup to you. It’s your Blog. If you enjoy doing it jyst go ahead. But I do understand your worry about clogging peopke)s Readers up. I pist FAR too often, and I know it! I worried about clogging people’s Readers up. But when I asked, no one complained, though I am open to complaint. I still think, though, that they are our Blogs to do as wenlike with. Peoole can give some of our pists a skip if they want to. Yours is a goid Blog Sadje.

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  7. Sadje, I can relate to that tension between responding to prompts to build community around your blog, while writing about the topics you care about. Have you tried keeping your focus while responding to the open ended prompts? I mean look for a hook in the prompt, it may be something literal or figurative, and stay true to the topic that interests you while responding to the prompt. I notice that Fandingo did that really well with his poem about Fracking, responding to Sue Vincent’s prompt. A very unlikely subject matter, but it fit right in with the image. Good luck with your writing and blogging!

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  8. You should blog for yourself and not how you think other people should feel about your blog. If that is what keeps you happy than continue doing it. You have to decide what you want. I personally have WordPress set that all blogs go straight to my email. Sometimes I get up in the morning and have 85 emails to sort through. I always read the content but don’t always like or comment.

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  9. I feel bad for anyone who gets my posts through email lol. I am back up to 5-7 posts on a slow day and 15 on a good day. I also have Medium going where I do a variety of stories and “real” blog posts that I submit to publications. I only do 1-2 posts a day over there though.

    Creative writing and “articles” are two separate entities, but can easily co-habitate. Diversify or specialize…it’s your blog. What makes you happy? The joy about WP is that people can read the tag and decide if it’s something they would want to read. For my blog, I average 50 views on a prompt, 25 likes, and about 10 participants, but for my stories I still hover around 15-20 views. There is a clear difference between the two, but it is what it is. You may find the same for your posts (between articles and creative writing). It all boils down to doing what makes you happy without creating a “job”.

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  10. I say do you! Sometimes I find I can’t read all the wonderful bloggers posts and I typically scroll past the prompt style posts because I see those in multiples. With that being said, I would write what you want when you want. Leave it up the readers to read what they choose. Hopefully it will be a nice balance.

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  11. I am sure there are bloggers who would feel like screaming if they see my site name appear with another BAKE-OFF post. I am only going to do this one day a year I promise. Normally…I am content with a lot less!

    If you are enjoying your blogging don’t worry too much. You are a very pleasant blogger Sadje and it always a pleasure to see your posts appear. When I am deciding whether to follow a new blogger, I do often look at how frequently they post. Once a day or less, I will usually follow them. But if I see they publish several posts a day I am unlikely to follow them, only because my WP Reader is so busy already.

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  12. i think you are just like any new blogger, we need to stretch our limits and also hone skills, but never write for someone, write for yourself, when the goal is to see likes or gather comments it can become dull and not rewarding anymore. i appreciate that you want to write more meaningful posts those would get my attention, not just words prompts, and sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to read so many posts. having said that it is your blog and you have full control what you like to see on it and how it evolves for you. further more you get traffic from the different prompts and not necessarily all your readers will visit all posts, so the ones from the prompts will have their own audience, to me the key is to always keep on writing no matter who is reading, i just enjoy the process. you have blossomed Sadje, it is good to have some reflection on what you are doing but don’t let it deter you. well done on your achievements!

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  13. Great post Sadje.

    And to the question – probably, but l write for me first and foremostly, then l write for an audience – people don’t have to read it. I reblog a lot, share a lot, and on average post of my own original daily content roughly 8 – 12 posts a day.

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  14. As others have said, do what brings you satisfaction. I cannot possibly keep up with so many posts and have lost track of how many of yours I’ve missed, but that shouldn’t stop you. A blog is a space meant for you to find your voice.

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  15. I have so many prompt posts that nowadays, unless I need a break, I write anywhere from 5-10 or so everyday. Like they say it is your blog and your choice how often you write.

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  16. Sadje, you might have noticed that the largest blogs — the 800 pound gorilla blogs — post frequently. At least 4-5 times a day in most cases.

    Those blogs can have 50,000 or more followers and hundreds of comments on each post. Once, when I was about six months into blogging, one of the gorillas linked to a post of mine. Over 6,000 hits in 24 hours. Another 4,000 the next day.

    That kind of got my attention, by the way.

    I think you have to decide for yourself how often to post — but if you are asking whether most readers are offended by frequent posts, the answer appears to be that most are not.

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  17. Do what YOU want to do! That’s clearly the message from all the interesting responses I’ve read. I enjoy your posts, although I don’t manage to respond to all of them. It’s always worthwhile when I do. Readers can dip in and dip out. It’s up to them.

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  18. If you are able to keep up with that number of posts, then there’s no such thing as too many. You are a great engager with bloggers and a much-appreciated member of the blogosphere. However, if you feel like you are getting away from where you want to be, then that is something you need to consider. You could try alternating and having a day where you post on the topics close to your heart, then a day to write and take part in prompts. There is no right or wrong, there is just what you want to do. The blogosphere will support whatever you decide, I’m sure. 🙂

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  19. I haven’t been following your blog for very long but I will add my two cents. I think you can tell a lot by your stats. More posts probably means more views but I would think if you are overwhelming peoples emails or readers with posts you followers would be dropping off. I am thankful for the wordpress reader – I would not follow so many blogs if they all came through email. But with so many blogs that I follow I don’t have time to read every post by every blogger. I think most importantly is if readers are engaged – leaving meaningful comments. Views, likes and followers don’t really mean anyone is reading.
    I get the impression though that you are somewhat dissatisfied with it because you are not sticking to your niche. If that is the case I would suggest limiting you response to prompts to mostly ones that you can include in your chosen topics. Personally I would love to see more posts on your “niche” topics.
    Hope this helps. Have a great day! 🙂

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  20. Follow you heart, Sadje! I don’t think anyone can post too many times a day but I believe in quality means more than quantity. There are numerous and delightful prompts in WP land and I found I had to become more selective. I don’t want to write just for the sake of writing. I need to feel it.

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  21. It depends on what you want, or so it seems to me. Frequent posts do seem to be less quality content for many bloggers, but frequent posts also build blogs. I, personally, tend to skip over numerous blogs by the same blogger, but read the ones that catch my eye of the title. We all want more and more people to read our posts and blogs, if we were really honest with ourselves, but the pull is, we also want to express or say what we really want to say…..

    So, Sadje, if you can say what you want to say and post numerous times, you probably should IF you are fulfilled by it. On the other hand, if it becomes a burden to post and manage the posts, comments, etc. and you feel like you’re not on target of what you really want to say, then maybe you should back off a little. It’s a hard question to answer when enough is enough, not enough, or too much.

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    1. Spot on Jeff! Sometimes people post just to post. I am guilty of that too. Now I try to write something which resonates with me, even when writing on a prompt. Great advice. Thanks for sharing your feedback

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  22. Well this is a nice post……….
    Specifically this post is good for new bloggers like me.

    Yes you should post when u feel like but Posting too much is not a good option that’s what I think. May be it decreases interest in readers but it’s may be. But If you have good content and you feel like sharing then go on post as much as you can.

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  23. Sadie, what excellent readers and commenters you have. All the wisdom you need for your decision has been delivered with grace already and I can add nothing. Now on another topic—you kindly commented on today’s Cat Thinkies, whereupon I promptly deleted your comment and blocked future ones, even though I always love hearing from you. But I suddenly remembered that my last post on this very sad event (you called it right) started to attract trolls. To keep the trolls out I have to keep everyone out. It’s just for this post, by the way.

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