Opposites Attract Challenge #20

“Hey calm down”, she said soothing the deliriously happy pup, running around in circles. They were going for a walk in the park and her new puppy always became ecstatically happy at these outings. It’s not that he would trouble her with this behavior but his exuberance was sometimes difficult to control. He would bark at the assemblage of ducks in the park, running towards them and trying to scare them into scattering. She tried the leash once but he became so sad at this enforced curtailment of his liberty that she relented and would let him run and let of his excess energy in the boundaries of the park. She thought to herself that maybe he was suffering from a mistaken identity, thinking himself a big scary warrior dog, instead of a little adorable puppy.

Today’s word: Soothe

Antonyms: distress, torment, torture, trouble

Written in response to the following ;

Opposites Attract Challenge #20



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