Tale Weaver #215: Alone March 21

This week consider the concept of alone.

For each of us it will mean something different.

You can, for example, feel alone in a crowd in the same way you can on a deserted beach.

Write your response limiting your composition to 500 โ€“ 600 words or less.

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I look forward to reading your thoughts.

Alone is not a word to be afraid of. Alone is when you commune with yourself. I like a bit of alone time everyday ( sometimes it’s a lot of alone time). I treasure this because it centers me. I put my thoughts in order. I meditate and talk to my Creator. It is when I sort out the daily issues and pesky problems in my mind. And why should I say that sorting things out in my mind helps? Because there are times when some of these problems are not real problems. We just are looking them from the wrong angle. Sometimes these issues need only to be righted up. Nothing really needs to be done but to adjust the glasses we are looking through.

If you love your own company, you have a friend for life. Since I enjoy my company, I don’t resent being alone with myself. We are born alone and we die alone. We don’t bring anything with us and neither can we carry anything from here. So though it’s great to find good people to share this journey with but try not to be dependent on them. A great time spent with family and good buddies is the best. But if left to your own devices, enjoy your own company.

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Tale Weaver #215; Alone


12 thoughts on “Tale Weaver #215: Alone March 21

  1. Thanks, Sadje for sharing your thoughts on this topic. Some people are more adjusted to being alone than others I have found. I found it a place of safety for a long time, not having to answer to another person suited me fine but I also looked for a companion and that took me a long time to feel safe enough to venture out and find one. I like your attitude to being alone.

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