The book launch

There was a long queue outside the bookstore. Most people had been standing there for a long time, their aim to buy the latest book launched by the most illustrious and best selling author of the day. She was so popular that many had pre-ordered her book since weeks. Jane with her daughter, Emily were in the line too. They had come here quite early and were near the bookstore doors, which were going to open at 9’o’ clock exactly. Both were ardent fans of these books. That was the beauty of her writing that both the adults and kids were fond of her books. When the store opened, they got in and picked up their book, heading to the checkout counter. In front of them, they saw a teenager carrying five or six of that very same book. “Mom, why he has so many copies of the book?” Emily asked. “Is he hoarding these books?” The boy in front heard her remark, and turned bright red with embarrassment. He turned around and told her” I have got them as gifts for my friends who were not able to come today to the store. I know that by tomorrow this book will be out of stock” Now it was Emily’s turn to be embarrassed. She mumbled an apology and nudged her mom to move forward, as it was there turn to pay.

The Moral of Story; Don’t be too quick to judge people.

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