What do you see March 12-2019

Directions: write a post on your own blog. Your choice of Poetry, Stories, whatever you see/feel about this photo.

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Slaying the dragon

Kids have wonderful imagination. They will be riding white stead killing the dragon and rescuing people in distress. The can see themselves being a caped crusader jumping from high walls to serve the needs of justice. It’s a beautiful life in the mind of a child where everything is possible. It’s their innocence and firm belief in good that makes them impervious to the reality of real life and lets them go in this fantasy world.

As we grow up we loose this ability to dream. We loose our dreams to real life. We become cynical and loose the faith in the fairy tales. But we do need this belief and faith that if we dream things, we can also make them happen.

Written in response to;

Prompt by Hélène Vaillant

What do you see March 12-19



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