Writing Prompt #10

My good luck charm is my faith and the hope that things will work out well in the end. You do know that there is no good luck. It is a lot of hard work and keeping faith. Life is a test of out capabilities. What we are given, that is tested through the circumstances all through our lives. If you show me one person who has had a perfect life than I will believe in good luck.

Blaming our luck, or conversely giving credit to good luck means that what ever we are working towards is of no importance. My own belief , and anyone can disagree with it, is that when we are born in this life, we are given certain abilities and handicaps. Our test through life is to do the best we can with these capabilities and live our life with a moral code that satisfies our soul.

Endeavor and perseverance is the key to achieving your goal.

All the best!

Written in response to;

Writing Prompt # 10

By Sarah Elizabeth Moore


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