Tell the story challenge # 16

Tagged by Bereaved Single Dad to tell the story about the picture above.

“We are lost” the wife said for the tenth time. “No, I know where we are, so how can we be lost” came the irate reply from her husband. The were driving to visit friends and had taken a detour due to the blockage on the main highway. And now they seemed to be going in circles. There was a broken sign post in the side of the road, but the arrows were broken and it was not possible to read the one resting on the ground besides the post.

“Honey, I think we should head home as it is already quite late” the wife couldn’t keep quiet and gave her advice again. ” I would, if I could” said the husband, “but I am afraid that I don’t know which way it is” came the infuriating admission from the him!

(This story happened before everyone had a cell phone or GPS! )




10 thoughts on “Tell the story challenge # 16

  1. I’m glad I’m old school and can read a map. On the way to the hospital the other day the road was closed and we had a detour. Apart from one sign leading off the road we were on, we had no ide where we would end up. Luckily the map book was in the back so I read it and got us back on the main road, only three miles up.

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